August 25th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.


So, I went to Nathan's Tattoo and Body Piercing today... I think I'm really going to do it. If i don't think too much about it, it's not that scary...and it's not like this is an uncommen piercing or a dangerous surgury... zillions of people have thier tongue pierced. So, all I need is someome to go with waay too much of a chicken to go by myself, and plus, I don't know if I'll feel like driving afterward. and I totally can't ask my dad, since he can't even stand me talking about it, haha. I've had braces, and teeth there's been worse things going on in my mouth before... only this time it's completely voluntary. But hey-- you're only in college once :)
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I've had it with these snakes.


I got into Lit001 !!!!!!!

okay, so last quarter i had the worst sign up time for classes, and got stuck with stuff I didn't really want to take. I was planning on crashing this lit class, but of course, haven't thought anything about it all summer. Then today I get an email newsletter from the literature department, which tells us of all the open classes... and *gasp* the one i wanted is STILL OPEN! So I sign onto teleslug for the first time since may (class enrollement website), and drop my holocaust class (even though, really, I'd rather have dropped economics, but it at least is fullfilling a gen.ed. requirement), and signed up for Lit 001 !! yay!

all that excitement put aside, my shcedual is actually going to suck a lot... it is as follows:

LIT 001 (literary interpretation) MW 8-9:10a
ANTH 001 (introduction to human evolution) MWF 11-12:10
ECON 001 (introduction to microeconomics) MWF 12:30-1:40

and then I have a seconday discussion for every class:

lit Tu/Th 8-9:10a
anth Tu 10-11:10a
econ Tu 4-5:10p

so really, on Monday, wednesday, friday, I will be busy from 8am to 2pm... and have only 20 minutes to get to each class...
haha, oh well, i had it too easy last quarter, gotta make up for it somehow
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