August 22nd, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

chile trip, part 2

So, here two good stories from chile (will add more as I get around to it):

On one of the days we were there, they took us to visit a local jail. We walked into this crazy rundown small prison (where all the guys in our group had to be stamped, to show that they were allowed to leave), where we were literally only a few feet from cells. In this jail, a group of christian inmates where allowed to have a room together (it was a minium secerety type thing, so some of the people had like living areas to themselves, I guess), and that's where we went to have like a mini church service. The pastor told us later, that it was crazy on all kinds of levels, because women had never been in there in that kind of setting. You'd think we felt scared, being right next to a huge group of inmates in a foriegn jail, but never once did I feel threatened or afraid. Some of the people shared their testimony, and even through translation (thank you april) it was beautiful. To hear these men, who had lost everything in the world, talk about the love and mercy of god really made me thankful for all that I have. And then they blessed US for being there. At one point, when we were leaving, a man came up to some of us and whispered in english "enjoy your freedom"... a crazy experience.

On a funnier note, during one of our visits to the schools, we came into a third grade class to introduce ourselves and answer questions, etc. This is really the majority of what we did all week, but in this one class, we met possibly the worst behaved kid on the face of the planet..his name was christopher. Ohman. So all the kids are being good and sitting quiety in their seats, but not this kid... his desk was right up front, but he spent the whole time jumping in and out of it, to throw things at his neighbors, to make jokes at us, or say mean things to the kids around him. He kept throwing this grimey pencil at the kids sitting next to him...the pencil'd bounch off thier desks or heads or whatever, and then on to the floor. Did this stop christopher from reclaiming the prize? oh no, he'd then jump up, run after his weapon of choice, then stick it in his mouth, until his next chosen target could be hit. All the while, Norma is trying very hard to ignore his ranting as she attempts to talk a little about herself to the class, giving him "the teacher stare" between sentences. Then all of a sudden he yells somthing to the boy across from him (in spanish) and this sets David and April laughing so hard that they run from the room. We finish up our talk, give christopher dissapproving looks (while secretly laughing at his antics) and leave the class. Still cracking up, David translates that the kid had yelled "You've got hair in your boogies!"... and for the rest of the trip, "boogie boogie" was one of our catch phrases.
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