August 21st, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

*happy smile*

okay, so my trip to Chile.... omg, it was so amazing. It started out with a 13 hour flight from LAX (okay, 10 hrs to Peru, where we spent 5 whole minutes, then another 3 hrs to Santiago, Chile). We got there at 6am sunday morning...Of course some of us didn't sleep on the plane, so it was the start to a verrrry long day. Me, Dave, and Jamie drove from the airport with the daughter of the Missionary family, April (possibly one of the coolest people ever)...and so dave is bravely attempting to make coversation while me and jamie are practically snoozing, when all of a sudden we hit a hair-pin curve in the foggy slick road, and loose control of the truck, skidding into the guardrail. haha, yeah, it was really funny (not like i'm one to talk about scaring my passengers) for the rest of the trip we referred to that as "april's guardrail". haha, so that's one little story. Um... we spent most of our time there visiting schools that the church (that we'd gone to visit) started. I mean, i probably introduced myself to thousands of kids, "hola, mi nombre es kim. tengo decienueve anos, y soy una estudiante"...and they loved us (well, at least the young kids did, i have a feeling the highschool student might have thought we were a little lame). At this one school, the elementary kids were so excited to see us, that they all swarmed us for autographs (crazy, huh? as if i'm someone famous), and then dave thought it'd be a good idea to bust out some balloon animals... I have never seen such chaos in my life. We barely got out of there with our lives.
hehe, anyways all that was neat and everything, but the best part of the trip was the friendships I made. I mean, I didn't really know the people on my team before this whole adventure, so it was awesome getting to know them...but also making friends with our "tour guides/translators" April and David. They hung out with us for the whole trip (well, except with David abandoned us when his winter break was over) and my life is that much better for it. David is only 21, but has faith in God like i've never seen. April is my age, so maybe that is why we clicked so well, but I think she is just my friendship soul-mate. I've only been home for a day or so, and I miss them so much. (*on a side note, I got to talk to both of them today online *yay* which was great).
So, overall, the trip was a stretching experience...drowing in spanish and not knowing what was going on around me... but also something that has affected me in lots of ways. Being almost foreced to depend so much on God has given strength to my faith, and then to be blessed so much for giving so little...makes me that much more grateful than I've ever been in my life. Like april said to me, even if I was not 100% sure, god knew what he was doing.
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