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August 8th, 2003

.... [Aug. 8th, 2003|02:46 pm]
k i m b e r l y
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still not done packing
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Vaya con dios! [Aug. 8th, 2003|11:43 pm]
k i m b e r l y
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So, I'm leaving the country tomorrow...Chile is finally happening...crazy! I really am excited, but now, less than 24hrs from take-off, things are finally hitting me. .. I'm a little worried about sharing a house a host family, and a little worried that I have such an abismal understanding of spanish. I'm also starting to freak a little bit about the flight. It's not that it's long, that's okay.... it's just.. I'm kinda scared to fly... I mean, not super phobic or anything, but i can't stop mysel from invisioning bad things. oi. At least I feel like part of the group, and feel like I should be going on this trip. That is good... but I feel very comfortable right now, in my pjs, sitting at my desk, and tomorrow everything is going to be flipped upside down. I guess that is what mission trips are all about...being stretched. I hope i learn something valuable... or at least accomplish something worthwhile.
on that note-- I'll see ya in a week and a half, hasta luego!
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