August 6th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

just like in the movies

So, i had one of those moments today, you know, the ones where you swear you've seen it in a movie before. (um, boys may not feel like reading further)

So, I'm at walgreen's picking up stuff for my trip (mini shampoos and the like) as well as other basic items, like deoderant and tampons. I get to the register with a basket full of junk... chapstick, .99, pack of film 10.99, 2-in-1 sampoo 5.79, *BEEEP*..... *BEEEEP*..... some item isn't scanning... it's the tampons-- of course. There's a huge line behind me and I know i'm planning on paying with a credit card, so I try to do the humane thing-- and tell the woman behind the register that it's okay, I'll live without them. But she insists on ignorming me. Instead, she picks up the phone and says over the loudspeaker "Price check please". Seconds later another woman stands like 10 feet away and yells "What do you need?"....the fine walgreen's employee attempting to ring me up holds the pink platex box up over her head and shouts back "slim fits!".. omg.... so the whole while, i'm like trying to persuade this woman, that really, it's okay, I'll come back another day. But no, she's not having it. Finally, only after the other partner in crime yells from down an aisle "4.99!" does she look at me and say "you still want it?" good god woman, sure, now that you've flashed my intended purchases to the ENTIRE STORE.... geeez.
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