August 4th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

*sigh* good times

So this weekend was really great--

After finally hanging out with jeff (went to see American Wedding, which was good), I went with Lilly to a midnight showing of Moulin Rouge! in 3rd street. OMG, did you catch that? They show Moulin Rouge every friday, rocky horror style, with a pre-show and everything (!!) It was possibly the coolest thing i've ever done. We got there just a little bit before midnight (our freeway exit was closed, causing us to detour into some random city just past santa monica) so we had seats in the second row--which ended up being perfect for the costume constest finals that went on before the movie. It was sooo awesome. The MC for the evening was a "sensitive" (the joke of the night) man named Bridget, dressed as Satine. Anyways, so thsi whole thing was just so cool. It was not only great to see MOulin Rouge on the bigscreen again, but sooooo awesome to watch it with an audience full of fans who have seen it as many times as me. Everyone laughed at all the little parts that me and lilly find hilarious, that only zillion time viewers love (like the duke chasing the frog and the extra "mmm" after the duke's specacular spectacular solo), booed when nini says "This ending's silly...", sang along with every song, and shouted "Becasue she doesn't love YOU!" with christain and all the other great lines. Didn't get home until after 3:30am, but it was soo worth it

(saturday) A really long (but unexpectedly good) day
Had to be up before 10am to go to the free car wash the college ministry was having. I had actualy put my name on a sign up sheet, because otherwise, i totally would have just stayed in bed. So by 9:30 I dragged myself out of bed and to 7-11 before getting to the church. By the tiime i was a little more awake to enjoy the day, I was really glad that i'd come. Not only was I contributing to the college group (i feel like i need to repay something for the whole chile opportunity) but I met a whole bunch of new people and got a little sun :-) And plus, the whole car wash thing, was cool to be a part of. See, it was free, 100%. We didn't try to stuff paphlets down their throats or even bombard them with invitations to our services. Just washed their cars and offered them some cookies (fabulous mrs. brune home made). Like people kept saying "can't i just give you a donation??" and were so thrilled when we said we wouldn't accept it. A neat idea.
So this lasted from 10am to 1pm (even though we got like a million cars right at like 12:50). I got home, took a very much needed shower, and then headed right off to hang out with my friends Morgan and Nick, the only other people who came to my graduation besides my dad and lilly. So, admittedly, i was soo tired, and totally didn't feel like going...but typicall, that's when i end up having the most fun. It was great. Overall, i spent 13hrs at morgan's house..haha, we listend to music, watched movies, went swimming...examined a pile of superman comics and matrix magazines... so great. It was exactly what I've always wanted to do: kicking back for all hours of the night, watching movies. I got home at like 3am. :-)

(sunday) What day?
I slept 'til 2pm. Went to church from 5 to 7. Went to bed at 11. Was making up for lost time.

so, with the beach on monday, slip and slide/bbq on tuesday/wednesday (and bible study wed. night), shopping thursday, movie and mouline rouge on friday, car wash and hang-out-extravaganza on staurday, church on sunday, AND i went to pirates of the carribean with alicia today, and tomorrow I am going to a bbq at the pastor's house.... this has been the craziest week all summer. Not to mention IN LESS THAN A WEEK, I WILL BE IN SANTIAGO CHILE (!).
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