July 30th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

22 hrs partying with lilly

So what have I been up to lately, you ask? Well... it's a little thing i like to call... SLIP AND SLIDE . Oh yeah, that's right. So Lilly invited me to this mini bbq soiree she was holding at her house, of which the highlighted activity was not, as you would imagine, the bar-b-que food-- but a 15ft piece of plastic in her backyard that was wonderously watered down with sprinklers. OMG it was great. I have to admit that i am a total loser when it comes to slip and sliding skill, but fun all the same. Once the four of us (me, lill, her friends sara and dj) were properly covered in water and grass, we decided to go swimming in one of lilly's parents' empty properties (her parents rent houses, and this one had an awesome pool just begging to be used). There, I discovered during blind man's bluff that being stealth in water is not something i'm good at. At 10, DJ had to leave, and the next item on the itenerary was to go swimming in a fountain. That's right. A fountain. ;-) Porter Ranch was the destination to our worthy mission, and the water foundtain outside baja fresh. We stopped into the Ralphs first, in our swimsuits (none of us had brought our clothes to the empty house), and bought 3lbs of candy (which we consumed almost entirely by the next day). I was a little hesitant to plunge completely into this new found pool, but as i was sitting along the edge, lilly looks at me and says "you have yet to actually swim, kim" so what could I do? How could I just put my feet into the water fountain and call that a completetion of the expedition? And thus, I have officially swam, friends style, in a water waterfountain. And the best part?... by the end of the adventure, we extracted exactly two dollars in lost wishes from the porter ranch pool (mind you, it was only silver change--anyone stupid enough to wish on anything but a penny deserves to forefeit thier wish). The rest of the night was spent eating candy and watching Nanny reruns (and being gross from not showering and chowing on sugar without brushing before bed). Didn't get home until about 4pm today, sill in pjs. All and all a fabulous adventure.
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