July 28th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

*gasp* kim out of the house!

Not only did i spend 3 hours at the beach, BUT i then went out to lunch with two of the girls who went (who i'd never met before). And all went well--okay, well, i lost $10 somewhere between malibu and the church parking lot.. but i'm over it.
The best part of the whole beach adventure was finally finding out what josh's chinese character tattoo meant (friendship) since i've been wondering all summer. And later when the two friends (okay, there were a total of 4 other people there: the interns- jamie and josh, and these two girls who i'd never met- elizabethe and courtney) were talking to eachother and i over hear "you should totally add so-and-so as your friend, he's fun to talk to" *gasp* FRIENDSTER! hehe, it was so cool. I was like, "heeey, you're on friendster??"
good times :)
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I've had it with these snakes.

Messagestoper.com=son of satan.

i swear i am about to throw my computer out the window... I HAVE HAD IT with the message pop-ups. Please tell me I am not the only one affliced? windows alerts that tell you that you can "stop these pop-ups forever, by going to our website! write it down!" OMG. That has to be illegal some how. They are FORCING a demand on me to sell their freaking product. I REFUSE to buy a software pop-up blocker from someone who is constantly bombarding my computer with POP-UPS. I have been scanning the webpages for the last hour, and they are all the same. Telling me that i've been hit with one of the newist fastest growing forms of spam and that it's all because of a feature built in to microsoft XP the evil bastards. want to free yourself? pay us 30 bucks! .... okay, DUH it is built into microsoft, message alerts serve an actual purpose, i believe. and ugh! the same exact flash and sales pitch is on EVERY SINGLE ONE.
please help me. Shawn, you must know about this crap.. tell me i am an idiot for letting these messages drive me crazy becasuse there really is a simple way to get rid of them...? Any other computer geniouses out there who has solved this riddle???
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