July 25th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

the monotony of my every day life.

spending all this time at home is starting to make me a little crazy. the momentary happiness of wednesday has begun to wear off, and all I'm left with is another weekend of draining kim-and-dad time to look forward to. Don't get me wrong, I missed my dad soo much during school, and I love him more than anything, and i'm really happy to spend time with him... but the constant almost isolation with him is slowly wearing me down. I really can't explain it, every way I try to put it only makes me out to be a more and more horrible daughter. But, it's just, I need some time with other people. I need some time with people who get my sense of humor. I need some time with people who can sustain a conversation for more than five minutes. It's like, everythign requires such an effort. I can only stay home so many friday nights watching dvds before it starts to get to my head. *sigh* I really really miss school right now (which i didn't think was possible)...if I weren't home, there'd either be people willing to hang out with me or friends from home to chat with (strangest thing really...now that I am actually home, no one seems to want to talk...). Anyways, no sense dwelling on what I don't have, i mean, i know as soon as i get back to santa cruz, I will remember all the things that make me miss home and forget all the things that make me hate it... and the whole process will work in reverse.
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