July 17th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

ugh, gross

This fly has been terrorizing my house the last few days. flies are so annoying, really only beacause they buzz way too loud for comfort. I'll be sitting peacefully on my couch reading, and then BZZZZZZZ all up in my ear. So i'll be gritting my teeth with frustration, when i spring to my feet ready to skill the bastard. But at the exact moment, it decides it's bugged me (no pun intended) long enough, and is now no where to be seen. Anyways, so tonight i came back to my room from brushing my teeth and i hear this muffled buzz. Damnit, that fly is in my room. But then i realize the source of the noise is coming from my light...a floor torch halogen lamp. I look up--and it's smoking! For a second i'm afraid something has somehow fallen in and caught fire, but I notice that it's more of...spraying smoke than anything... and it's kinda chunky... and then BAM! it hits me: the fly of satan has commited suicide! It was soooo gross once i realized what it was. I mean, the thing was frying to death on my halogen light. ugh! i wanted the thing dead, but geeeez, i would have at least given a quick escape to the land beyond. geeeez, now it's got me inahailing bug guts.
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