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June 28th, 2003

"Third wheel" (things I don't get--Part One) [Jun. 28th, 2003|01:23 am]
k i m b e r l y
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I don't get the phrase a third wheel. Why is this phrase attached to being an outsider? It holds the same sentiments as "three's a croud", which makes sense... but let's take a moment to think about the idea of a third wheel. It's not that weird. Tricicles are made more stable by the addition of a front wheel. A tricicle is not a reject type of bycicle, it is its own entity. A wheel-barrow works only because of the third wheel, giving it something to balance on while holding up it's heavey load. I mean, honestly the only things that run on two wheels are bikes and motercycles...everyting else of any importance has four: cars, shopping carts, radio flyers, roller skates. Why then, is a third wheel useless and in the way? If anything, going back to the two wheel model, it should be symbolic of stability and helpfulness.
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