June 22nd, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.


So, I'm house-sitting for a friend this week, and it's a little weird. In my very innocent observations thus far, I've noticed a few things:
In my friends room there is dirty laundry on the floor, check book balancing stuff on the desk, a lovely framed picture of him and his ex-girlfriend..., a total of 6 non-school assinged novels in his bookshelf, and a cd rack organized in alphebetical order. Oddly enough he has the same radio alarm clock as kayla and the computer I'm typing on this very second is the exact duplicate of kayla's too--silly dell. weird.
In his parents room, there is possibly the cutest picture I've ever seen of a married couple...must have been back in the late 70s, because his mom is sporting an amazing ferra focet hair-style and his dad is like 30lbs lighter. They just look so happy, and she is so prettty, it's a shame she never had a daughter. Right next to this one is another picture,a recent professional one, of the pair. It's a neat contrast.
hm, so anyways. What else did I do today? I talked to jasper, which was way good...miss him a lot. And kayla ALMOST came over (she was in annihiem) but something about her car not beign able to make it, and john wouldn't let her (it was way spontaneous)but that would have been really really cool. um bought some more stuff for my quilt... went to chuch again...think i am working through some stuff. tayrn was baptized today. I was babtised on november 11, 2001. forgot all about that. so we'll see.
well...so i am sitting here at my friend's computer...watching his dog get slobber all over his bed (will not be sleeping there, 1-just too wierd, 2-dog sleeps there too), listening to a little john mayer.
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    Great Indoors, John Mayer (and yes, I am really listening )