June 20th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

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Crazy..it's graduation time...
On tuesday I went to WestVal's graduation (old highschool) and it was weird. I was late, of course, and missed them walking in--but for like the fist 10 minutes, I was glad that I came. Then I realized that i was horribly underdressed and looked fairly frazzled. Then I remembered how long the ceromony was, and that since i was late, this meant another 2hrs (at the very least) of standing on semi-wet grass in the dark. And then it hit me-- I wasn't even really friends with any of the graduates. By minute 15, I'd started to question my sanity in making the choice to come....haha, well okay, it wasn't that bad.. it was just weird. Ran into all kinds of people: talked to carrie about irvine, and saw katie and taylor together, said hi to a handful of old teachers (only mss everette seemed happy to see me), and avoided standing within a 5 foot radius of both steven and tony. Oddly enough, a lot of people glanced over me and talked right to lilly, then afer finishing, took another look at me, and suddenly realized they knew me. Must have heard, "Kim! I hardly recognized you" like at least 3 times (which is saying a lot for a school my size)...I don't think i look thatdifferent, so I'm fairly confident it was the glasses, but I had no idea one could actually pull off a Clark Kent disguise. So it was jus weird being back... I mean, besides mygraduation, that last time I'd been back to campus was during spring break when I drove up with the roomies to show them how small it was.
Then tonight, I went to see Lilly graduate at chatsworth high. Talk about a completely different event. First of all, since it's a huge public school, each senior is allowed 6 tickets for family and friends, so you can imagine how many people were there... and how difficult parking was. I was late, par norm, and must have circled the block twice before I gave in and parked in Carl's Jr (across the street a 2 blocks down). I get out of the car, and the oddest thing happnes.... it starts raining--lightly--but raining. IT'S JUNE! What the heck?! Of course, for this ceremony, I had time to dress appropriotly, and was a little cold in my dress. I get to the jam packed football stadium (where the graduation was being held) to find that the students have already walked in (damnit, missed it twice) and that the stands are completely packed. I vainly check the section of my ticket (which means 1/2 of one side of the bleechers) for lilly's family, and end up standing at the base of the stairs, leaning on a rail. Odd...there were at least...goodness, I don't know... 20 times as many graduates at chatswroth than there were at west valley...but the whole thing was at least 40 min shorter. Granted, it was raning still, but it was by far the most organized and time efficient thing i'd seen in a million years. Afterward I went out with Lilly and her family and her new best friend Sarah and her family. Haha, which was a little crazy. It was hard to feel like a third wheel (seeing as there were like 17 of us) but it was still a little weird. You know, when you can tell people spend a lot of time together? They start talking like eachother (unintenionally) and acting the same? It's like that with lilly and sarah. After dinner with the family, they were heading on to proper highschool graduation parties, and invited me to go along...haha, and part of me really wanted to go, seening as I've never actually been to a bonafide party, but I'd have been worse than a third wheel.. like a third nipple or something, usless and slightly embarrasing. Made me realize that I am probably never going be at a party and feel like I am supposed to be there. I mean, I'm sure i wont' get out of el centro without going to one, but max's homies aren't exactly my comfort zone. Not that I particularly care about going to a party or not... it's just another line on the list of things i've kinda missed out on, like football games.
Anyways, so graduation, it's weird. I remember how ready I was to leave highschool, but I hadn't thought any farther than being free of west valley. I remember right before I left, I started having serious doubts about what I was doing. I was (am) such a home-body, and hated meeting new people... I was soooo scared to move away, and live with two random girls (who i thought knew each other since they are both from area code 760). I was sure I'd last one quarter only. But like I said a thousand times on tuesday, "Yea, santa cruz is great, I love it there".
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I've had it with these snakes.

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