June 9th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.


so i've been trying to think of how to put my feelings into one simple post. Summer is here, and it's going to mean some changes for the next three months. First, I'm going to be away from all my friends here. No more late-night with chris, or coffee downtown with jasper. No gossiping with kayla and stacey, no more walks around the knoll. The thing that is so great (and sometimes annoying) about dorm life is that you are always with people; I've only eaten a handful of meals alone this year* (*not to mention, actual meals here in the dining hall, opposed to all the fast food I know I will eat this summer.) It was hard to adjust to, but now I really like the constant people time. There's something to be said for friends who still like you when they've seen you moments after you've woken up ;-) haha, and I have about a million more friends in sc than I do in LA. I mean, there are just more people here that I hang out with than at home. I just had so much fun this weekend... with out the stress of homework, I had a blast just doing all kinds of random things... the beach, a play, watching infomercials, downtown, shoping, etc. Also, being here, away from home I feel a lot more independent--even though, I have a ton of freedom at home. It's just that here, i'm not worried about needing to spend time at home. Here, I can make snap spontaneous choices to go out, but in LA, sometimes I feel like I'm not as independent. I guess it's hard to explain.. but if you know me, you know how much i worry about being home with my dad... and here, obviously, i don't have that problem. And then there's the place that i'm leaving... I mean, smoggy los angeles just doesn't compare to how amazing santa cruz is. At least once a day there's something that makes me stop and think that we have the best campus in the world.
Don't get me wrong--there is a lot I am looking forward to aswell. I am highly excited to have my own bathroom again (and a bath!), a comfortable couch to sit on, and not hearing construction every waking hour. Not to mention, MY CAR (!) and all the lovely ease that comes with being able to drive yourself places instead of slaving away to the bus routes/times. I suppose, too, the freedom to waste time if I want. I can just sit around on my butt, and not feel like I'm getting in the way of anyone. I will miss everyone here in sc, but I am of course, still looking forward to seeing friends from home... some more than others, haha, but it is exciting to have 3 whole months to catch up with everyone.

hm... I'm sure I'll switch back 'home mode' soon enough, but it's going to be a little weird. I wonder if I'm any different for having spent almost 9 months at college.
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