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May 30th, 2003

Cultured Kimmie: Le nozze di Figaro [May. 30th, 2003|01:04 am]
k i m b e r l y
[I feel... |satisfiedsatisfied]

Yay! I went to my very first (and certainly not last) opera tonight!! Kayla's bf, Josh, had a small (but I'm sure vital) role in the chours, so he was able to get us reduced tickets. It was SO cool. Me and kayla got all dressed up (heels and eyeliner, and everything) and drove (how cool is josh, he just gives Kayla his car like that) to the music center. The show was The Marraige of Figaro, which was way cool, 'cause i read the play version in my 60b class last quarter (development of theatre arts). :-) It was just really cool. While the whole play was in Italian, there was this nifty screen above the stage that had subtitles, so we knew what the beautiful songs were actually about. And I couldn't even believe how amaizing the voices were... I think the program said it was a productoin not only of undergrads, but graduate students too. *sigh* it was all very exciting.

um.. for your vewing pleasure

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!! [May. 30th, 2003|10:19 am]
k i m b e r l y
[I feel... |excitedexcited]

Do you know what day it is?? It is MAY 30th! Do you know what that means??? THERE ARE ONLY 7 MORE DAYS UNTIL I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!
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so i'm the biggest idiot in the world [May. 30th, 2003|12:28 pm]
k i m b e r l y
[I feel... |ditzyditzy]
[music... |Loser, by beck]

so I'm doing laundry. I'm kinda in a hurry so I toss my stuff in, and go. about 20 min later, I go to check on the time, and it suddenly hits me that I didn't put any detergent in. OMG and so now, my laundry is just getting wet and swished around, but no cleaning is actually going on--the door's locked, there's nothing i can do about it, except realize that I'm a moron and wait for my wet clothes to be done and try to figure out what I'm going to do about it.

(some more randomness)
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A good day [May. 30th, 2003|11:24 pm]
k i m b e r l y
[I feel... |happyhappy]
[music... |Time of your Life, by Greenday]

Today was a good day. It started with me sleeping through class. I totally intended to get up at 8:30 (here's when everyone says Pfft, riiiight kim, if that isn't the dummest idea i've ever heard), and write a readers response (and here you gasp in disbelief that I could come up with such a rediculous plan). So, as you can most certainly guess, I did not wake up with my alarm. It went off, for probably a minute before i was concious enough to register anything, and the thought was not "GET UP" but, "what is that noise? and how to I make it stop?", to which my half-awake motor-skills translated to "shut off alarm". Shutting off my alarm does not equal getting out of bed for class.
Right, so i got to sleep in :-) I focused on the fact that I now officially have a three day weekend. Kind of kicked back, had lunch, read on the knoll for a bit, and had a little dinner. Before our trek to Cowell, I stopped to check my mail: and i had a postcard!! OMG, I was so excited, but i couldn't tell who it was ffrom... the singnature sseemd to say "audry", and of course, I don't know anyone by that name. We pondered it for a few moments, when Aaron, says "geez, I sent it, it says AARON." hahaha, I totally forgot that I begged him to send me post-card when he went home last weekend. So that was way exciting to get mail. Then after food, we went downtown to go see Finding Nemo--which was just the cutest movie ever (!!) I laughed a lot, which was awesome. Did me good. Came home to find an email from my core teacher entitiled "Monday Lecture-- NOT" which are exactly the words I like to hear :-) AND the body of the letter informed us that just because the lecture was cancelled doesn't mean we can come into class: no section! Yay! almost a four day weekend (again) ! So, all and all, a good day. (and while i was at the movie, a friend left a message on my cell, which always makes me happy).
good days are good.
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