May 20th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

Raspberry Iced Tea

I just had a snapple iced tea, and there was a fascinating "Real Fact", #184, that said "Frogs can not swallow with their eyes open". What the hell? How does someone go about even thinking about this, LET ALONE then go on and research this apparent anomoly?!? What did they do, capture a bunch of frongs and watch them eat? Torture one by keeping its eyelids open and forcing food upon it? I think Snapple should be reported to PETA.
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I've had it with these snakes.

The Human Transporter (HT)

OMG... Something within my heart is crying today for our society. What will become of us in the years to come? Chris showed me the website that will ultimatly become humaniy's downfall... ... please check it out and tell me what you think. OMG. What are these people thinking???? One of the videos says "finally a practcal solution" a solution to what!?!? These people ARE NOT handicaped! I can't believe this.... I feel sick
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I've had it with these snakes.

adlai's hallowed halls

I was reading peacfully in the stevenson library, minding my own solitary hard-working-student business, when all of a sudden the silence is broken by an obviously intoxicated man swining open the libary door and yelling "AIR BORN CONTAGENT! RUN!!!".
So no one in the library moves (must have been at least 10 of us trapped in our work induced caves). The drive by attacker could be heard cackling with his buddies, by which you could tell they found the "prank" not only hilariously funny--but genious in its execution and originality. But, my half-hearted slightly amused scoff echoed in the still silence of adlai's house.... no one even flinched. It was so funny only becasue not a single person in the room even noticed that man's presence.
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