May 16th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

birds and the bees

Ohman, I just had the best discusion in core today.... we were talking about Gandhi when my Professor says, "So what does Gandhi have to say about sex?" Hahaha, what a way to start off the weekend. We starting theorizing that Gandhi probably never "made love", just had "mad sex" (<--to quote crazy guy). He writes about sex being for creation, not for fun... and that once he restrained himself from lust (ei carnal sex) with his wife, they were able to come together spiritually... right, your typical Bhagavad Gita influanced ideas of controling your desires... Then this girl in my class says, "I just think Gandhi is weird, I mean, that's a dude who isn't down for a good time." hahahaha, it was so funny.
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I&#39;ve had it with these snakes.

There is no spoon

So Matrix Reloaded was awesome. (!!!!!!) Can't disclose more... you will see it for youself... but oh man.
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