April 27th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

refections on a saturday night

Sometimes I think I'm missing out on life. I had a really good conversatoin with Jasper tonight about it... and about not going to parties and about taking advantage of being in college. There was a dance tonight, one that I actually really wanted to go to but didn't. You see, when the announcemet first came out, I was really excited. A dance!Finally, I thought, a dance with friends that i can have fun and be goofy and everything. But as the the date drew nearer, everyone decided that they were not going to grace the dance with their presence. And, honestly, I don't really like dancing. I mean, I can't do it very well, and dances in general (especially in at a college) tend to be not within my comfort zone. So the point, in my opinion, is to have fun with friends. And there's no point if I don't have anyone to have fun with. So, I didn't go. But it's not like my night was a waste. I had a really good time downtown with Jasper getting coffee and browsing through borders. Anyways, long story short, my roomates went out and had lots of fun, and while I want to say that I had the better time (with my wits and whatnot) but my resolve is not so strong. They are having a really good time. Someone said in core (hot justin to be specific) said, "See, I plan to live my life right now like it's not going to last making the most out of it, and then when I'm 30, I'll settle down and take it at a normal pace--and always remember the time when I lived like I was immortal." There's something to be said for that. I am already living the settled life (of course, not settled in any sort of boy-related way, since we all know how that area of my life stands). So I ask you, if someone decides to seize the day, how do they begin?
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