April 24th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

l a z y

Once upon a time there lived a girl. In fact, the laziest girl in the world. One evening this poor girl was sitting at her desk, reading. It had taken the girl 20 minutes to find a comfortable position, to allow for optimal reading efficencey. Once this harmoneus spot was found, she poured over her text ("What if Frued were a woman?") with the deepest intereste imaginable. So inthralling was the article, that the girl hardly noticed that she was learning.
like a lightling bolt
like a clap of thunder
like a cheese doughnut
a light went on abover her head.
This is brilliant! thought the girl, as she read a particularly striking line. From somewhere deep in her bones, the girl felt a dark primative urging. A stirring ach in the heart of her marrow: she wanted to highlight the sentence. She glanced up over the brim of her core reader. Must find highligher. A cursory scan of her immediate vicinity resulted in the horrifying conclusion that the landscape was highlighter free... What was the poor girl to do?!? The nearest source of utencils of intense brightness was a pen holder sitting percariously at the edge of her desk. Nearly 2 feet away! Such a distace would require severe measures to reach.
She would have to move.
The agony.
Dejected, the poor girl turned again to her book. But something was not the same. A sense of defeat permeated the air. She would not have her highlighter today. The line would go unmarked for eternity, blending seamlessly in a string of black type on white paper.

The End.