April 21st, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

Deliver me from nymphomaniac assholes

I had dinner tonight, we a namless "friend" of mine, and realize how big of an asshole he really is. Now you see, I pride myself on being able to take a lot of sh*t, and while I may not come up with something witty in response, I do take it all in good stride. But there just comes a point when someone is not funny any more, and instead simply re-affirm my belief that they are truly the scum of the earth. Maybe I am just a horrible person, but have you ever known someone that everything they say annoys you? Even, sometimes, stuff that at one point wouldn't have had any effect on me, now drives me deeper and deeper into hatred. Okay, well, maybe not hatred, but very dis-like with a passion. And the worst part, is that his routine NEVER changes. I am SO damn tired of hearing about his suggestions for my sex life and if i hear "jesus dildo" one more time, i swear to it's name-sake I am going to scream. My theory is that if someone is constantly talking about sex, and the power of thier penis, then they are really trying to compensate for something....or perhaps he just bitter for not being able to get any action himself in person(he must inlist the internet or my roomate to search our the female kind). While he recounts his sorrows numerous times to those around him, I do not believe i have ever heard him sincerely give a crap about anyone else. So, I ask you, my livejournal fans, what should I do? I hate this person, but yet, for some reason, I am nice to him. Should I stop? Stop letting him use my stuff (and this includes my hot-water boiler, I'd like to point out)? Tell him his presense makes me sick? That he brings out the worst in me? Since he is kind of scum that revels in being a jerk, simply acknowledging that i hate him will only worsen the situation, so I feel really at a loss. Really at a loss.
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