April 19th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

REJECTED from Late-Night!

Ugh! What is up with dining hall just deciding NOT to serve late-night?! This is the SECOND time I have been REJECTED from late-nght on a Friday! Don't they know that us poor starving students depend on the dining halls to stick to their scheual??? Is it so much to ask???? Me and kayla were starving to death (i had yet to eat all day) and all we wanted to do was go to a little late night. So, we walk up ALL the BILLION steps at Crown, only to find an innocent poster of the devil posted on the door, proclaiming that Crown, will in fact, be closed both Friday and Saturday for late-night.
*a single tear falls*
HOW COULD THEY??? Crown has failed me! So, me and kayla decide to see about 9/10, and are lucky enough to catch a Night Perimeter. But, alas my good friend, we were REJECTED yet again-- 9/10 was not open. The darkend hall of our beloved dinning hall sent a sharp pain through our hearts.... what was there to do now?? We decide to travel on to the mysteriaous college 8.... The driver of the core bus is about to close the doors, but two boys who had gotten off moments before let out a cry of pain, and return in agony to the bus "noooo it's closed!". Me and kayla take this chance to pipe in to add that we have just be turned away from Crown, and are planning to venture onward to College 8. "Welcome to the hungry club!". We have now made friends. The four of us lamment over the status of our stomachs, hoping all along that 8 will be open. Can you guess the end of this story...?
The bastards at college 8 decided to hide the dinning hall from open view from the bus stop, and we walk all the way down before finding the doors locked. Locked! With the lights on! Why would they do that to us?? Teasing us with the possibilities of pizza and burgers, only to laught maliciously in our faces; locked glass doors mock our pain.
By now the four of us are silently weeping, and crying out to the heavens to express our sorrow. We walk back to the bus stop, only to see a core pulling away 20 feet away! The boys suggest walking back to the dorms (they hailed from cowell, we believe) instead of waiting around for another perimeter. As we ponder the possiblities, another core bus looms ahead. "Run for it!!!" the boys break into a run, and lo and behold, it is the driver who dropped us off and sympathized with our pain. In her brilliance she suggests 7-11. Sweet.
We pit-stop back at the dorm and pick up stace, max, some cash, and head out to the glorious oasis that is 7-11!
Oh man....
so, I had dinner at around 11:30pm, and it was great.... deli sandwhich, coke, and a little ben and jerry's to top it off (well, actually, if we are going to be honest here-- a little ben and jerry's to start with... come on, it was going to melt).
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