April 15th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

faults in my character

I was going to write about the most amazing sunset I've ever seen in my life...but I'm a little too frustrated to be all sentimental-like and creative. I was having a pretty decent day ( I lovve my easy schedual, and I actually hung out with people today and had fun tonight--i could even overlook running into gay pirate boy on the way to the gym) but then just as i was heading to bed, one thing sort of set me off. and I HATE that. I hate that I let the stupidist stuff get to me. It's as if I have the lowest tolerance for...for... I don't know, things that frustrate me. Wether it's not finding a hair-tie when i'm too hot, taking a shower and the water getting cold, being talked down to, or having a bad conversation with a friend-- it mars my mood completely. And that's terrible. That is exactly why guys b*tch about women, becasue we are so manic depressive sometimes (how often do guy say "she's PMSing", when we are just being our natural fickle selves?). I mean, even if i manage to smile and joke it off, insdie, I am still thinking "grrr" and that is almost worse (pent up frustration never ends well...) so..
okay, so I've vented it...
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I've had it with these snakes.

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So I just saw a trailer come on for the new X-Men movie (!!!!) and let me tell you it looooks awesome (!!!!)...can hugh jackman get any hotter? But while the special effects and action seem beyond amazing, I find myself pondering over a very important question...
My heart sank tonight, when i realized the coolest X-man (I am sorry, but he is far cooler than wolverine) did NOT make the follow-up movie. I consoled myself after the close of the first X-men that my beloved card-flinging-cajion would make his fashionably late appearance in the next fick....
but alas...
I am deeply hurt.
What is a gal to do?

(*someone here whispers, get a life*)
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