April 11th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

reflections on To-Do-Lists

I just decided to make myself a To-Do List before going to bed...kind of give myself a momentary feeling of productiveness. But, as I looked over the list, I relized that 75% of my items have been carried over from previous weeks' attempts at lists. It dawned on me that making to-do-lists doesn't mean anything. It just means that I've wasted a perfectly good note card and some ink. Writing "deposit check" on my list is NO gaurentee that it will actually get done. While I do get a wonderful sense of satisfaction by crossing off a completed item...this is rare, and usally either the really easy ones or the ones required for the next day's class.
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I've had it with these snakes.

staying home alone on a friday night

After the beach failed me and I finshed reading, I ran down the list of possible evening activities provided by stephen in my quest for ideas. Cup Hunting is out--no car or mall. Throwing water balloons at people--no balloons. Running around campus naked--just too cold. Talk on the phone--no one home. And so, at last, I come to: write in your live journal.
But what to write about? Not sure. Nothing particular on my mind right now (well, nothing I feel particualry like sharing in my web-log), except that I just finished the craziest book ever. EVER. Called Pig Tales by Marie Darrieussecq. It's about this woman who turns into a pig. ...um yeah, enough said. It's crazy. From her working in a massage parlor/sex shop, giving birth to piglets, to falling in love with a wereworlf....very crazy. and apparently it's got a deeper feminist meaning, but I'm blinded by the phsyco-ness of the story.
Um, yah. So, on my friday night, I'm thinking about homework. good call kim. You're cool.
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