April 9th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

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I have this slight dilemma, a ponderance you could say, about my new livejournal. You see, there tended to be gaps between bloggers, saving the posts for truly inspired moments of brilliance....but livejournal feels like it should be more open, more of my thoughts (*with a few instanaces of genius thrown in the mix*) just as they come. So, since livejournal has the unltra-nifty feature of comments so, tell me what you think..... what would you like to see here? any ideas? let me know :)
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I've had it with these snakes.

Another interesting day in core....

OMG, there is a crazy guy in my core class. On the first day, when we all defined ourselves, he said "activist"...when the prof. asked him to explain, he said that he was "an activist against everything: government, public education,..." and the list went on--but right there, I should have known. I was the best audience ever while he talked, but ohman, I HATE people like that. If you don't like education, then what the hell are you doing in school (and paying out the butt to go to school, for that matter)?!!?!? why?!?!!?! I don't understand.
Well, anyways, so I already have this prejudice against this dude, when all of a sudden he starts talking today about "they". "they will bring about an era of materialim", "they use science as a tool for disruption", etc., etc. It was really funny. Finally my prof. is all, "Who is They?" And he launches into his theories of The Brotherhood, and how to see the proof all we need to do is watch TV....OMG, it was so hard to keep a straight face. And this guy tried to tell me that believing in God was a far-fetched idea....
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