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Life is a Dream

I saw The Craziest play tonight: Life is a Dream. See, I was all excited to go see it, beacuse I'd read it last quarter for one of my classes. It is this 17th century classic spanish work, so I figured it would be "modernized" a bit (the poster seemed to suggest it).... but oh man, I did not even begin to imagine. kayla put it best: "If that isn't College Theatre, I don't know what is." It had everything... the main role, a male character, was played by a topless women, smeared with mud; between set changes there were odd techno music, and other crazy musical choices (like during a serious war scene I swear there was kenny G); there was a projection screen behind the main action, that changed throughout the play (making it a multi-media production); some of the costumes were pink, some were stripped, some were tarp, but they were all crazy interpretations of what royal court would wear; and to top it all off, the play ended with a full-cast coreographed dance to an oldies song...they all break out in "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife...". oh man. It was CRAZY.
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