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A good day

Today was a good day. It started with me sleeping through class. I totally intended to get up at 8:30 (here's when everyone says Pfft, riiiight kim, if that isn't the dummest idea i've ever heard), and write a readers response (and here you gasp in disbelief that I could come up with such a rediculous plan). So, as you can most certainly guess, I did not wake up with my alarm. It went off, for probably a minute before i was concious enough to register anything, and the thought was not "GET UP" but, "what is that noise? and how to I make it stop?", to which my half-awake motor-skills translated to "shut off alarm". Shutting off my alarm does not equal getting out of bed for class.
Right, so i got to sleep in :-) I focused on the fact that I now officially have a three day weekend. Kind of kicked back, had lunch, read on the knoll for a bit, and had a little dinner. Before our trek to Cowell, I stopped to check my mail: and i had a postcard!! OMG, I was so excited, but i couldn't tell who it was ffrom... the singnature sseemd to say "audry", and of course, I don't know anyone by that name. We pondered it for a few moments, when Aaron, says "geez, I sent it, it says AARON." hahaha, I totally forgot that I begged him to send me post-card when he went home last weekend. So that was way exciting to get mail. Then after food, we went downtown to go see Finding Nemo--which was just the cutest movie ever (!!) I laughed a lot, which was awesome. Did me good. Came home to find an email from my core teacher entitiled "Monday Lecture-- NOT" which are exactly the words I like to hear :-) AND the body of the letter informed us that just because the lecture was cancelled doesn't mean we can come into class: no section! Yay! almost a four day weekend (again) ! So, all and all, a good day. (and while i was at the movie, a friend left a message on my cell, which always makes me happy).
good days are good.
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