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Cultured Kimmie: Le nozze di Figaro

Yay! I went to my very first (and certainly not last) opera tonight!! Kayla's bf, Josh, had a small (but I'm sure vital) role in the chours, so he was able to get us reduced tickets. It was SO cool. Me and kayla got all dressed up (heels and eyeliner, and everything) and drove (how cool is josh, he just gives Kayla his car like that) to the music center. The show was The Marraige of Figaro, which was way cool, 'cause i read the play version in my 60b class last quarter (development of theatre arts). :-) It was just really cool. While the whole play was in Italian, there was this nifty screen above the stage that had subtitles, so we knew what the beautiful songs were actually about. And I couldn't even believe how amaizing the voices were... I think the program said it was a productoin not only of undergrads, but graduate students too. *sigh* it was all very exciting.

um.. for your vewing pleasure

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