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A very bad night.

So i am having a really bad...well, night/day. It all began last night, while I was wokring on my 8page core paper. I had about 2 solid pages of writing and 5 of summary. This may not sound too hot, but I had spent the greater protion of two days coming up with that summary, and it was basically a rough draft of what I would say. Right. So, I started having problems with saving it. An error popped up and told me that the autosave was being withheld, or something, and the only way I could save it was 'save as' under a new name. Now, I should have taken a step back and realized this ws more than a minor problem. But no, I just decide that i can live with it, and just keep saving multiple copies of my document "doc1", "doc2", "doc3", etc. Josh comes over at about 11, and they decide to watch Moulin Rouge. Now I know that if this movie is on... I will watch it. And, you know, some alone smootching time in your own room is pretty nice, so I figured I'd haul myself off to the stev. Library for two hours. So there I am, and by now I've got 3 pages of solid writing, when I decide to save it, "doc8". It takes a really long time. A tiny voice in the back of my head is saying....'please don't freeze'...becasue i know something is wrong. then *BOOM* error message: must close Word. Right.. so I panic a little bit, trying to remember exactly what I had added since my last save. I open Word again, and attempt to open the paper. Key word, attempt. It opens completely blank. I try the last several "docs" and an error message proclaims that Word does not suppor this format. What format?! It was a WORD document! So naturally, my slight panic turns into a complete mental melt down. It's now almost a quarter to midnight, and everything had been erased. With no where else to turn, I go back to my room (more than an hour early can only mean trouble). So I kind of run into the door before i open it, trying to make as much noise as possible. Go kim for ruining the mood... but what can I say, I'd lost all my work! So I proceed to have another mini panic acttack in the room while josh valiently tries to do something to my computer to make it work and kayla gives me a conforting hug. We manage to recover the document from when I first saved it, but that was it. So i print a hard copy of that out, and crawl back to the library to write out what I could remember by hand in my notebook. Thankfully, kayla let me use her computer when I came back at 2am, to type it up. I worked until about 5am when I started getting too tired to manage. Took at 2 hour nap, and went back to work--printing my final copy at about 9:10 (it was due at 9:30). I guess the thing that made me most upset was that I had really wanted to do good on this paper. I mean, honestly, I've been in worst situations (I have definitly started papers before class)...but I had just put so much into this one. Right, so, I am really tired. I get back from class, and try to enroll in classe for fall quarter. Understandably, I have one of the last sign up times, and EVERYTHING is closed. Even the stuff that says it should be open, is closed! Ugh, it stressed me out to no end... I chuck a post-it pad across the room yelling "I hate this! I am to frustrated!" We all have our moments of pscyhoticness, right? So I go to lunch really late (was trying despetly to fight teleslug) and as I sit down, I get these 'she's breakable, watch out' looks. Chris, who had been there when my anger at teleslug was highest, quietly asks if I got things to work, and then suddenly everyone chimes in about how much Teleslug sucks. Jasper askes me in his non-intentionally-demeaning way, "Do you want me to help you with teleslug kimmie?" Right, so it's always nice to sit down for lunch, and realize they were just talking about you. yah. grrr
ugh, so and a million other things...so I am tired, and cranky, and disgruntled... and I have to go to computer lab in 40 minutes. All i want is to go to bed, and forget where I am and what I have to do. I am in a really bad mood. Booo. So, I just thought i'd share my complaints, because you know what, this is my journal damn it, and i can whine as much as I want. Booooooo.
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