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I was seriously attacked today.

So, I'm on my way to Cafe Brazil, just taking a leisurely stroll down Mission st, admiring the early morning air...when all of a sudden I hear crazy flapping and a bird swoops down barely missing the top of my head, the wind from its wings making my hair swirl. I pause, register how weird that just was, thinking "wow, what a funny story to tell my dad when I get to breakfast."

but oh no.

This bird was not done.

Another few steps and then FLAP FLAP FLAP, and this time it doesn't miss. This kamikaze bird from hell flies RIGHT INTO THE BACK OF MY HEAD and flies away.

Like it seriously aimed.

And when I screamed and put my hood on and started running down the sidewalk, all the people in cars lined up at the stop light were laughing at me.

It was really traumatic.
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haha...oh kim. that was the funniest thing ive heard all day..

sorry they scared you...but good story.
HOLY CRAP Kim, there was this one stretch of road near my apartment in Santa Cruz where there was a whole little cult of maniacial kamikaze blackbirds that would divebomb my head when I walked by. One time one of them clawed at my skull.

We should start a bird-attack-survivor support group.