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the sadness of windows without screens

ahh! I was just attacked by a big scary bug! There i was, quiety typing my essay up with my laptop on my bed, when all of a sudden this big red bug that i swear had pinchers on it flies at me and lands on the blanket that's covering my leg. So, naturally, I freak out--rip off my headphones, and try to brush the bug away off my precious blanket. But NO! it's like clinging on for dear life. By now, I'm making enough of a racket that kayla wakes up. I freak out some more as I attempt to capture the spawn of satan in a cup. Of course, it hardly works, and I have to pause every few seconds to back away and flip out. Kayla gets out of bed to come to my rescue (she is so brave) but I finally managed to get it inside the cup. We take it out on to the patio, and it is by far the freakiest bug I've seen in our room thus far. Ugh! and now, every little itch has got me jumping up and getting scared. I hate bugs.
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