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The Knoll: 2, Kim: 0

So after my monday fiasco on the knoll resulting in a (still) sunburnt chest/shoulders, I decided to plan a little suntan time this afternoon. Instead of an hour, I figured 30min ought to do the trick for today, to be followed up for the next few days of similar increments. Right, so the target area was the back of my legs and upper back, and I managed to stay out there for a half anhour, despite the sudden appearance of a core class. I could only notice a little bit on my shoulder blades, but otherwise, little to no change. I was okay with this. Start slow. Build up a base tan. Right? So I get home after an adventure to the mall and try on my new pair of shorts...only to realize that the itch on the back of my legs is not of natural causes--but because I have yet again been transformed into a lobster. I just don't get it. The back of my thighs is completely red, in an odd diagonal patch, stretching down to just past the back of my knee. ugh! Do you know how annoying it is to have the back of your knee sunburned? Oi-vey. And the knoll wins again.
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