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an ultamatum...

ugh! my hair is SO rebellious! I can't stand it. It, in its devious way, has been looking crappy for a while now, and I'm giving it an ultamatum (and yes, I give demands to inanimate objects like hair...shutup), either get its act together by saturday-- or i'm cutting it off, seriously. Grr! (<--menicing growl). Stacey thinks it was a result of this one night where I decided to not brush it at all when I got out of the shower... but I have a sneaking feeling that maybe my hair is getting be back for bleaching it... or for blowdrying it more often... or for.. for..ahh i don't know.
okay, just thought i'd share my plight with you... and maybe by saturday, I might have chin-length hair (don't think i'm brave enough to shave it alloff) so we'll see.
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