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wasting time before work with not homework

Jan: since break is basically over... here's some sum-ups:

Feb: I've just decided my new favorite word in spanish, it's: trabajabamos

Mar: today is good for the following reasons

Apr: Kimmmie101 : dangit dropped my pen

May: today's accomplishments:

June: exactly.

July:my horoscope, according to Allure, is kinda nice for once"

Aug: hey all...not sure if anyone still reads this, but if you've been wondering where I've electronically been this last little while... My free (ei stolen) internet has been picky lately, and does not let me connect anymore (am hoping this will change, but alas, that is the state of things).

Sept: omg omg my internet is back! YES!

Oct: "So this week, despite mega long days and 4 hr homework assignments, has been as close to excellent as I think it will get.

Nov: woah, first time since...since... well, last monday, that I've had a night home with nothing pressing to do.

Dec: damn, i got a parkint ticket at 12:40AM!!

what i take from this is: my journal posts are both not very interesting and lacking in topic sentences. hm. go lit major? hm.

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