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Only when something is taken away from you, do you realize how much it means in your life. For some reason, there is this mental block against things that we take for granted every day....people and things that help make our lives what is it. Recently one such hole appeared in my life, and it saddens me to realize how much i depended on it.... Lucky Charms has gone out of rotation in the dining hall. Never a big fan of cereal, my flirtation with the charm of Lucky Charms began innocently enough. Nothing good to eat, I'd just grab some cereal. All very casual. Until, before I knew it, I was eating Lucky at least once a day. It never occurred to me to whet my pallet with another brand, so my daliance with Lucky continued. And then one day, as I was not drawn to any of the prepared dishes, I once again made my way towards the cereal shelf--only to find it empty of Lucky Charms. My heart skipped a beat, but i recovered soon enough to assure myself that it was just a fluke. But alas, my good friend, how wrong I was. Lucky Charms is not only out in the near-by homes of crown and stevenson...but campus wide! How can I ever fill the Lucky Charm shapped hole that has desolved from my heart?
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