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the obligatory first post of the summer

So, i know it's day 2 of summer vacation, but i slept all day yesterday, so i can't be blamed. Nothing exciting has happend...tried to sew my own skirt today, but that failed miserably, like most other craft-oriented attempts. Um. On friday i went to stephen's going away party (*refrains from making a bitter joke about going away parties*) and it was really fun. Got to see a lot of people (by "a lot" i mean 6) from my HS and wish steve well on his adventure to oregon. Oh, and sundaynight Brian called me. haha, can you believe it? Called me from his summer camp just to say hi... might be the highlight so far.
so..big plans for tomorrow include: job hunt, swimming, and some dvd watching. this is the likely schedual for the whole summer...add some reading in, some bubble baths, and movie/dinner/mall outings with the few people i still know in the valley--and there you have it.

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