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the wrong side of the bed

Somehow, in its evil way, my body knew I wasn't going to class today....it just knew.... so instead of having a blissful sleep in morning--I was wide awake by 10am. On ANY other thursday, I have trouble waking up for stacey's 11:15 lunch call. I set my alarm for 10:30 in vain hopes that by 11:15 I will be up enough to actually get out of bed. But NO! This morning, I was ripped from my slumber by 10. All I wanted to do was having a lazy morning, skip lunch and class, then shuffle off to the library to do my essay. And so on the one morning I decided to do it... I'm not tired. Ugh! Though my roomies were very quiet, having other people in the room steal the merrit of just lounging in bed awake. If only I could have slept another hour... maybe if i'd have set my alarm for 9am, I could have tricked my body into thinking i had to get up, and then I could have stayed asleep longer...
I need to be done with school. I need to be home.
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